ASIS Offroad orienteering weekend (Finland)

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ASIS Offroad orienteering weekend (Finland)

Inlägg av myllis » sön maj 26, 2024 21:22

The Asis orienteering competitions were held in the direction of Aura over the weekend. Arrangements can be given 10+. Especially the special stage was success. Spectrtors amount was surprise even the organisers and area has a lot to watch, cause everything happened at many points at the same time. And Special Stage buffet was buzzing when the 30-degree heat did its job. The expected rain came 8 minutes before the area was generally closed. And the rain was heavy, like raining cats and dogs. There was no longer much concern about forest fires.

The pre-favorites held their postions, three car teams collected more than 4,000 points, i.e. Vitikainen Maasturit (even though the transfer box was about to drop), Temmiteemi even though the support arm attachment failed and even the winch rope failed at the last check mark. The Swedish team Loose Nut, which didn't even have a rear winch, collected more than 4,000 points, too. One of the favorites, i.e. Team Rapako's Can-Am Maverick Team, was undergoing renovations for a long time, when the variator practically exploded into pieces on "a container point" stage. Among the ATV teams, Pulu Team (no surprise) and KK East Team collected more than 4,000 points. Both are Can-Am Teams.

There will be a summer break in Offroad orienteering, as the Cup -series continues at the Stonehill race in Sotkamo (Northern Finland) on September 7, 2024, and the increased Cup points will be distributed there. Last Offroad orienteering Cup -series competition "Turaoffi" will be in Eura (southwest Finland, 70km from Turku) on October 26, 2024.

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